Devil Fruits


The Devil Fruits is a special feature that only have in Haki Legend. If using on the right time and right way, It will increase the supprise of the battle, one step ahead of your opponent.


The Devil Fruits are as well as an equipment. when one of your hero "eat", it will be demonstrated as a skill in the battle. Devil Fruits are also divided by qualities, each fruit has its own strengths. Let's figure out how to equipt a Devil Fruits.


1. Collect the Devil Fruits


On the main screen, please choose the Recruit



At the Recruit Screen, Let's click on the Devil Fruits tab. Here you have a change to collect Devil Fruits to your collection. There are 3 types of collector: Common, Rare and Ultra Rare corresponding to the Gold needed, and the time to get free is different. It means the quality of each fruit is also different.



2. Equip the Devil Fruits 


On the main screen, Let's click on the Equipment



On the Equipment screen, choose the Devil Fruits tab, you can pull the Devil Fruits from the Equipment box(1) into your hero(2). Besides, you can upgrade Devil Fruits by clicking "Upgrade"(3)



The Devil Fruits uses itself to upgrade. On the Upgrade screen, Captain please choose the DF to pull into the upgrade box (these fruits will disappear when the upgrade is done).



If you don't want to spend time on this action you can click on the Auto button. System will randomly sellect the Devil Fruits that are not equiped and priority low quality first. Then sellect the Upgrade button to confirm action or cancel.